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Types of Cosmetic Formulas


There are many different types of cosmetic products but there are only 10 types of cosmetic formulas. These formulas are used to make all kind of makeup that women use. These cosmetic formulas are known with their usage.
Article: Women love using makeup. This is the reason that the cosmetic products are sold at a very high rate and quantity. There are thousands of cosmetic products sold throughout the world but there are only 10 types of cosmetic formulas used to make cosmetics for these women. These 10 different types of cosmetic formulas have categories. These include solutions, creams, lotions, ointments, suspensions, tablets, powders, gels, sticks and aerosols. The making and usage of all these formulas is known to chemists.

Types of cosmetic formulas include Solutions

Solutions are a type of cosmetic formula.

Solutions are homogenous mixtures. They are the simplest type of cosmetic formula and are used in a number of products. Shampoos, body wash, cleansers, colognes all use solutions. It is easy to make solutions. Ingredients have to be mixed with water which is the main diluent.

Types of cosmetic formulas include creams

Creams and emulsions are a major type of cosmetic formulas.

A cream is used when the raw materials of cosmetics are not compatible. Creams are made by using two immiscible liquids that are spread in another liquid. Creams are utilized in products like hand moisturizers, makeup, hair conditioners and sunscreens. Three basic things are required for creams. Oil, aqueous solutions and an emulsifier are the basic components.

Types of cosmetic formulas include Lotions

Lotions are another type of cosmetic formula.

Lotions are used when creams cannot be used because creams usually get heavy and greasy. Lotions are thin creams. They are used mostly used as facial creams, hair conditioners. Lotions are also used for moisturizing cleansers.
Types of cosmetic formulas include Suspensions
Suspensions are another type of cosmetic formula.
These are also used in place of creams. Suspensions are clear with some visible particles of inorganic minerals or gelatin beads suspended throughout. Suspensions are created by using a clay like structure for suspended structure. They are used in hair shampoos and sunscreens. Hand washes also use suspensions.

Types of cosmetic formulas include Ointments

Ointments/ pastes are another type of cosmetic formula.

This is used for hairdressing and skin products used in medication. Ointments contain no water and are sticky. To create ointments or pastes lanolin and petrolatum is used.

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