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With the change of weather comes dry hair. Everything seems to limp and wither in winter and dry skin and dry scalp are the hallmarks of winter. Dry scalp leads to dandruff which further causes weakening and breaking of hair. A number of ways can help prevent dandruff and the following hair tips for dandruff will definitely help nourish and strengthen your hair.

Article: There are a number of myths that are related with dandruff. However, the true cause of dandruff is dry scalp, unhealthy diet, intake of some medicines, shampooing your hair too often or too less. Some people think dandruff is contagious. It is NOT. Dandruff cannot travel from head and head or clothes to clothes. Dandruff is caused by these factors and what dandruff itself causes itching and a shower of white flakes from your hair every time you touch your hair with your hands or a brush or a comb.

Anti-Dandruff Products:
The products will aid you in getting rid of dandruff!

Dandruff basically is the accumulation of dead skin’s cells and for the removal of these cells, there are many anti dandruff products available in the market. For instance, anti-dandruff shampoos and scalp creams. These shampoos should be applied and left for at least 5 minutes and then rinsed with lukewarm water. If one shampoo does not work well, try using another shampoo. Although these products help prevent or lessen dandruff, in case of no effect, one must go to a doctor or hair specialist to seek advice.

Hair Loss With Dandruff And Remedies:

It’s high Time You Broke Up With Dandruff!

On an average, a person with dandruff loses 100 or more hair per day. This is a worrisome figure as some people tend to think that dandruff will itself vanish from scalp overnight. Some simple remedies can help you get rid of dandruff:
Too much sun makes hair brittle and causes dandruff. Always cover your head or wear a hat or bandanna while going out in sun.
Hair needs protein and iron to look healthy. Low calcium diets and have a harmful effect of the health of hair.
Minimize harmful eating patterns and maximum eatables like sea food, milk, raw vegetables like carrots spinach etc.
Do not make a hairstyle that pulls back your hair tightly. Avoid doing that and let your hair breathe.
Minimize hair-styling i.e. straightening, bleaching, blow drying, dying etc.
If you are taking medicines for birth control, blood pressure, arthritis, the doctor ought to be consulted before for side effects.
Massaging the scalp with mustard, coconut, almond oil once a week is the best remedy for dandruff and overall health of your hair.

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