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Dark circled Eyes


Beauty of this world related to eyes, the most prominent part of our face. But most people neglect eyes and do not pay proper attention towards eye care People of all ages irrespective of sex hate dark circles that subdue their outlook and make them look ugly and fatigued. So care of eyes is very important.

Relation to this beautiful world is strengthened due to different sense organs gifted by God but one of most important organ is our eyes. Eye care is essential from birth to death. One of the most important eye problems is dark circles around our eye that affect the beauty and personality of some on. There are numerous reasons of developing dark circles. Natural treatment and home remedies to cure them must be our focus of attention as beauty of our face greatly enhanced due to our eyes. These remedies not only help a depressed soul to recover from dark circles but also help to live life full of vibrancy and appreciation.

Few of Thousands reasons to develop dark circles in eyes

Nature plays an important role in developing dark circles around eyes

Dark circles are result of fatigue, shortage of sleep, result of some medication, sinus problems. Bony structure of skull, pigmentation under eyes due to sun light and heredity also cause dark circles. hectic life style, junk food, malnutrition, applying chemical bleaches also effect eyes beauty and a reason of developing dark circles Hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, menstruation, menopause and aging are main reasons of developing dark circles.

Natural treatment for eye dark circles

Home remedies to cure eye dark circles

Cotton balls dipped in cucumber or potato juice or rose water and applied on eyes leave for some time not only relaxes eyes but also remove dark circles around eyes. Another effective remedy is application of cold tea bags for a moment. Massage of almond oil on dark circles around eyes also helpful.

Healthy life style helps to cure eye dark circles

Beautiful eyes depend upon good diet

An effective remedy is to drink plenty of plain water. Fresh vegetables and fruits rich in fibrous contents prevent dark circles under eyes. Fresh juices without preservatives also heal dark circles seven to eight hour sleep is very essential to keep eyes free of dark circles. Healthy exercises like yoga and meditation keep mind and body relaxed so enhance the glowing skin and eyes. Abstain from consuming chocolate and sweets also help to remove dark circles. Food supplements such as vitamin c and iron are very essential for removing dark circles.

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